• Aerospace
    For more than 50 years Drallim Aerospace has been recognised all over the world for the quality and reliability of its cargo handling products; from specialist design and production of helicopter unde... READ MORE
  • Industrial
    The Industrial Division was born out of the innovative Rotary Selector Valve. Originally launched in 1957, the ground breaking device still remains in demand today. Complemented over the years by a di... READ MORE
  • Utilities
    Drallim’s Utilities Division supplies and installs a wide variety of systems and equipment to the power, telecommunications and water industries, utilising their own products and a variety of world ... READ MORE


Drallim Industries

A technology driven British engineering group with global presence. We bring customers, innovation in design, manufacture and service, covering a broad spectrum of products and markets. Form relationships with both customers and suppliers that will improve quality in all aspects of final product and purchased materials Develop and maintain a team approach that emphasises enhancing the competitiveness of Drallim Industries through increased quality & productivity.