Aircraft Wheel Chocks

Drallim Industries LTD Supply a range of rugged and reliable aircraft wheel chocks used by both civil and military airports.

Storm Chocks

One of Europe’s largest airlines recently highlighted chocking problems in adverse wind conditions. Drallim Aerospace was invited to find a method to minimise the phenomena. Drallim devised the aptly named Storm Chock which proved to be the perfect solution to ensure that the aircraft would be securely moored during high wind / storm conditions.

This was then added to our range of Aircraft Chocks for the industry. The Storm Chock Assembly is a combined rubber chock and polyester webbing with attachments that make it suitable for securing both nose and main undercarriage of all size airframes. Each lashing has a load rating of 2000Kg (4409lb). The storm chock is designed to be used lashed together in pairs and tightened using the integral ratchet-tensioning device.

Features & Benefits of Storm Chocks

All rubber construction for optimum GRIP and LIFE with strong polythene handling rope. Will not rot or splinter. A wide range of sizes and widths - sizes up to 9 segments, 7”, 9” and 12” all 50mm wide (4” at 75mm). Wheel conforming flexibility under load due to equilateral triangular shape and unique internal design.

Select wheel chock according to airframe type and size. Always use aircraft chocks in pairs and on firm surfaces. Chock both sides of the wheel if the direction of the gradient is undetermined. Use only after parking brake is applied. Centre chocks snugly and squarely against tread of each wheel, tighten lashing to secure both chocks to the wheel.

The standard aircraft chocks are supplied all black and include a handling rope. Storm chocks too are generally priced all black with the webbing supplied in your choice of colour. Yellow or red chock segments are available, pricing subject to your specification.

Chock Selection

The understanding of aircraft tyre specifications and sizing is very important in the selection of the correct chocks for your airframe.
As an example: A319 tyre size = Ø1168mm x Width 432mm requires chock 12/9

Aircraft Chock Product Selector
ModelHeight (A)WidthTyre DiameterSegments
Chock 4/280mm150mm0-300mm2
Chock 4/380mm225mm0-300mm3
Chock 4/480mm300mm0-300mm4
Chock 7/3160mm150mm300-600mm3
Chock 7/5160mm250mm300-600mm5
Chock 7/7160mm350mm300-600mm7
Chock 9/3195mm150mm600-900mm3
Chock 9/5195mm250mm600-900mm5
Chock 9/7195mm350mm600-900mm7
Chock 12/3250mm150mm900mm+3
Chock 12/5250mm250mm900mm+5
Chock 12/9250mm450mm900mm+9
Segment 4”80mm50mmN/AN/A
Segment 7”160mm50mmN/AN/A
Segment 9”185mm50mmN/AN/A
Segment 12”250mm50mmN/AN/A