Fast Roping Systems

Jettison handle tactical rappelling gear
Fast, Functional, Safe

Quick and simple operation makes for a fast-functioning, safe system. Features include the keeperless release mechanism, which provides safe, repeatable loading and release capability.

High Load Rating

The fast roping system offers very high load ratings, providing excellent safety factors, reliability and versatility.

System Weight: Each release mechanism with jettison capability - 2.5kg
Rope excluding end fittings -940g/m
Standard Rope Lengths: 12.2m, 15.2m, 18.3m, 27.4m 36.6m - ø40mm
Rope Construction: High tenacity multi filament nylon, non-rotating, high extension
Rope Load Rating: 1639kg, 7000kg breaking strength

Fast-roping is the technique of descending quickly from a hovering helicopter onto the ground or a landing platform via the use of a thick rope. It is used mostly for deploying soldiers or paramilitary police in places where the helicopter cannot touch down or land.

The rope used is of distinctive design being plaited which results in a pattern on the outer circumference that is not smooth. Fast roping is quicker than abseiling although more dangerous, particularly because the rope is not attached to the incumbent with a carabiner and descender. Several people can slide down the same rope simultaneously providing there is an adequate gap between them so that each one has time to get out of the way when reaching the ground.

The rope is thick, typically 40mm (1.6”) diameter to prevent it from being wildly jerked about from the rotor down draught. Heat resistant gloves are worn by the individual descending to prevent friction burns to the hands.

The length of fast rope deployed is dictated by the mission profile involved. Standard lengths vary from the shortest 12.2m to the longest at 36.6m, but bespoke lengths can be accommodated.

Fast Rope terminations also vary depending on the aircraft connection or interface. Soft Dynalite (D.L.T) is commonly used for significant weight saving requirements and being non-metallic eliminates a risk of injury to personnel on the ground when the rope is released post deployment. Drallim also offers a conical fitting termination (S.C.T) with bolt and split pin designed for use with helicopter cargo hooks and hoist systems; and a third option, termed the Multi-fit termination (M.F.T) which offers the user a strong and durable versatile rope designed to fit a wide range of helicopter cargo hook and hoist system arrangements.

Fast Rope Insertion & Extraction Systems

also known as (F.R.I.E.S) are designed as a multi-use product for rapid deployment and retrieval. Reducing the risk to helicopters and personnel, FRIES require personnel to be tethered to the rope via twin loops integrated within the weave. Typically, FRIES uses super light-weight and super strong Dyneema® and has been designed to carry up 6 fully equipped personnel.

Drallim supplied Fast Ropes can include RFID chips as an option to provide full electronic traceability. Each chip contains a unique serial number and allows end users to record product usage history by scanning the rope before and after every use.