This unit is based directly upon the BT approved CDU3C, but has been extended to include a built-in regulator and pressure gauge, eliminating the need for separate panels. It can be supplied in either a 5 outlet, or a 10-outlet variant, with each outlet using an individual flowmeter which gives the operator an instant visual indication as to air flow within a cable or waveguide.

12437/h Compressor

The 12437/H uses an efficient 1/3 HP compressor, to fill its integral receiver to a pressure more than 60 p.s.i. The receiver is a high capacity metal item, which has been tested and Lloyds certified at three times the units’ maximum working pressure.

In addition to the larger receiver, which will return a shorter duty cycle on larger flow or capacity applications the unit benefits from built in compressor and receiver gauges. These gauges can help the operator to assess the condition of a unit, and help with fault finding in the event of a failure. Another useful feature of this unit is the humidity detector test facility, which assists in fault analysis alongside the standard remote alarms. In common with all our current units, the 12437/H is equipped with a thermal/magnetic overload circuit breaker with neon indicator.

12437/h diagram
Dry air delivery Output pressure Dry air dewpoint No. of outlets Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Operating voltage
35 ft³/hr 3 - 15 psi -35ºC 5 or 10 960 440 330 60 230 v AC

Copper Cable Protection System

What is it ?

The Drallim Cable Protection System enables cable network operators to continuously monitor the integrity of their systems.

The system is comprised of these hardware components:

  • Control station – check the integrity of the network and generates alarm messages
  • A software utility is used to configure the control station to map the location and functions of transponders.

    Optionally a system records database and accessed over the Internet can be provided to maintain permanent system records.

    What is it intended to do ?

    The main purpose of this tool set is to prevent unauthorised access to cable terminations, whether they are on Telecommunications sites or Railway networks, for example. In addition, the cable breaks can be located when, for example, contractors from other utilities sever underground cables by mistake, or thieves are attempting to steal copper.

    Compact and robust transponder devices are attached to designated points on the cable network. The transponder devices are set to respond to cable breaks and cable network access events. Events such as the opening of a joint box lid, access to a roadside cabinet are recorded by the system and alarm messages are generated within seconds.
    Alarm messages can be directly sent to operations staff who can in turn alert the local Police authority.

    How does it work?

    Copper pairs embedded in the monitored cable are used as a communication path between a central exchange control station and a network of transponders, devices that simply respond when addressed.

    Drallim Cable Protection system

    The control station polls each transponder sequentially, priority is given to transponder devices on the periphery of the network. Each poll takes less than 100ms, enabling entire networks to be scanned within seconds continuously. It is important that polling priority is given to peripheral devices, and those covering network access points, such as cabinets or junction boxes, so that the time taken to validate and report an incident is minimised.

    Waveguide Pressurisation Product Selection Guide
    12434 12435 12436 12437/L 12438 12445/S 12445/M 12445/L 12446 12447 12457
    Dry Air delivery 30 ft3/hr 5 ft3/hr 7 ft3/hr 35 ft3/hr 7 ft3/hr 5 ft3/hr 13 ft3/hr 35 ft3/hr 7.5 ft3/hr 35 ft3/hr 35 ft3/hr
    850 l/hr 140l/hr 200 l/hr 1000 l/hr 200l/hr 140l/hr 360l/hr 1000l/hr 220l/hr 1000 l/hr 1000 l/hr
    Output pressure 0.5-5 psi 0.5-5 psi 0.5-5 psi 0.5-5 psi 0.28-0.56 psi 0.5-5 psi 0.5-5 psi 0.5-5 psi 0.2 or 0.6 psi 0.5-7 psi 0.5-7 psi
    35-345 mbar 35-345 mbar 35-345 mbar 35-345 mbar 20-40 mbar 35-345 mbar 35-345 mbar 35-345 mbar 15 or 40 mbar 35-485 mbar 35-485 mbar
    Outlet dewpoint -35℃ -35℃ -35℃ -35℃ -35℃ -35℃ -35℃ -35℃ -35℃ -35℃ -35℃
    No. of Outlets 3 3 3 5 or 10 6 3 3 3 6 5 or 10 5 or 10
    Air Receiver Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Sound Damping No No No Yes No No No No No Yes Yes
    Height (mm) 820 133.3 133.3 960 133.3 380 430 430 220.5 1060 1060
    Width (mm) 320 482 482 440 482 500 530 530 441.5 443 433
    Depth (mm) 200 378 378 330 400 159 225 225 240 330 330
    Weight (kg) 30 18 17.5 60 18.3 17 24 25 14.5 56 56
    Voltage (AC) 230v 230v 230v 230v 230v 230v or 115v 230v 230v 230v or 48c DC 230v 230v
    Mounting Method Wall/Floor Rack Rack Floor Rack Wall Wall Wall ETSI/Rack Floor Floor
    Cable Pressurisation Product Selection Guide
    12377 12405 12434 12255 12269 12437/H
    Dry Air Delivery 30 ft/hr 625 ft/hr 30 ft/hr 100 ft/hr 185 ft/hr 35 ft/hr
    850 l/hr 17500 l/hr 850 l/hr 2800 l/hr 5200 l/hr 1000 l/hr
    Output Pressure 3-15 psi 3-15 psi 0.5-5 psi 3-15 psi 3-15 psi 3-15 psi
    200-1000 mbar 200-1000 mbar 35-345 mbar 200-1000 mbar 200-1000 mbar 35-1000 mbar
    Outlet Dewpoint -35℃ -40℃ -35℃ -40℃ -40℃ -35℃
    No. of Outlets 1 Up to 140 3 Up to 40 Up to 80 5 or 10
    Air Receiver No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Sound Damping No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
    Height (mm) 600 2110 820 546 560 440
    Width (mm) 330 1350 320 546 560 440
    Depth (mm) 325 740 200 686 740 330
    Weight (kg) 30 421 30 190 210 60
    Voltage (AC) 230v or 130v 380v 3-phase 230v 230v or 115v 230v or 115v 230v
    Mounting Method Floor Floor Wall/Floor Floor Floor Floor

    Cable Assemblies

    “Ensuring a Reliable Connection Every Time”

    As a specialist UK, based cable assembly manufacturer with over 40 years' manufacturing experience, we are well-established as a reliable supplier of the highest quality cable assemblies and can produce a vast range of cable assemblies.

    We are experienced with handling most cable and connector types, and have specialist equipment for coax, ribbon and flat cable among others We have also worked within a wide range of industries, including Military, Aerospace, Rail, Telecommunications and high end industrial applications. We can produce cable assemblies for almost any application from simple designs to complex bespoke forms. We can also provide wire stripping, marking, tinning and termination to meet your individual requirements Our high-quality manufacturing and testing programme ensures you can trust us to provide a reliable final product. Drallim can provide a complete service from design, prototyping through to full production.

    Wiring Harness & Looms

    Drallim has manufacturing experience that enables us to manufacture a diverse range of large multi-connector harnesses and looms, which are carefully assembled and laid out onto custom pin boards to ensure a perfect fit every time.

    Our flexible approach means we can supply quantities ranging from one-off prototypes, through to small and large run volumes.

    Our unique blend of experience in mechanical and electronic engineering means we can give practical advice for design and development.

    Due to our wide-ranging electrical/electronic cabling experience combined with strong supply chain management, we make an ideal manufacturing partner.


    Radar Waveguide Pressurisation

    Dry Air for Clear Signals

    Drallim Telecom has been a long-established manufacturer of cable pressurisation equipment to the telecommunication and broadcast industry worldwide for over 50 years. But it’s not only cables that require clean dry air for clear signals. Radars used within military and civil applications require dehydrators for their waveguides.

    Drallim supplied waveguide dehydrators to Marconi over 40 years ago for their military radar systems and continue to supply solutions for air traffic control and military radar systems today.

    Radar Waveguide Deydrator Pressurisation

    If you have an application that will not be satisfied by one of our standard waveguide dehydrators and requires a bespoke solution, then contact the sales office to discuss your requirements.

    With Drallim’s experience in designing bespoke waveguide dehydrator solutions for critical applications you know that they will meet your exact needs.