Input:120V, 60Hz, 15A or 230V, 50/60Hz, 8A
Output:0 - 30kVac, 100mA, 1kVA resistive load, 3kVA capacitive load
Duty:3kVA: 1 hr on, 1 hour off; 1kVA continuous
Voltmeter:3.5", scaled 0-12/30kVac, ±2% FS accuracy
Currentmeter:3.5", scaled 0-1mAac, ±2% FS with multipliers x1, x10, x100
Guard/ground load return:14mA at full current in ground mode
Voltage output:Continuously adjustable up to max. voltage
Interlocks:Zero start and external interface
Protection:Surge and transient
Cable length
Output cable:6m shielded with alligator clamp and hook
Size & Weight
Controls:533mm w x 286mm d x 387mm h, 34kg
HV Tank:Included in controls case
PFT 303CM(F)
*Options: This can be upgraded to include a fault burning circuit, and for increased portability hand carts are also available. For further information, please contact us.