The VLF-12011CMF provides a 120kVac peak output voltage, suitable for VLF hipot testing 69kV cable and as a voltage source for Partial Discharge and Tan Delta testing of 115kV cable. In addition to the standard controls described, this model also contains a Cable Burn mode. Cable reels provide 30m of HV and ground cable.

Input:230V, 50/60Hz, 30A peak, 25A average
Output:0-120kVac peak, 0.1/0.05/0.02/0.01Hz sinusoidal
Load Rating:0.55μF @ 0.1Hz, 1.1μF @ 0.05Hz, 2.75μF @ 0.02Hz, 5.5μF @ 0.01Hz
Voltmeter:3.5", 0 - 120kVac peak, 2% FS accuracy
Charging Currentmeter:3.5", 0 - 100mAac peak 5% FS accuracy
Load capacitance:0 – 6μF
Test duration timer:User programmable
Cable Lengths:
Output cable:30m Shielded EPR on reel
Ground cable:30m on reel
Sizes & Weight:
Controls:432mm w x 280mm d x 241mm h, 9kg
HV Tank:660mm w x 508mm d x 559mm h, 177kg
Regulator:508mm w x 356mm d x 686mm h, 73kg
Overall:762mm w x 1524mm d x 1295mm h, 388kg