HYDROCAL 1008-3/-2/-1

Multi-Gas-in-Oil Analysis System for Monitoring a bank of up to three single phase Transformers located next to each other
The HYDROCAL 1008-3/-2/-1

The HYDROCAL 1008-3/-2/-1 is designed for multi-gas-in-oil analysis on a bank of up to three single phase transformers located next to each other. This wall mounted system allows the individual measurement of Moisture (H2O) and the key gases Hydrogen (H2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Acetylene (C2H2), Ethylene (C2H4) and Ethane (C2H6) dissolved in the transformer oil utilising a smart sampling system that samples oil from each tank via three separate oil channels.

As Hydrogen (H2) is involved in nearly every fault of the isolation system of power transformers and Carbon Monoxide (CO) / Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a sign of degradation of the cellulosic / paper isolation the presence and increase of Acetylene (C2H2), Methane (CH4), Ethylene (C2H4) and Ethane (C2H6) further classifies the nature of a fault as overheating, partial discharge or high energy arcing.

The device can serve as a compact transformer monitoring system by the integration / connection of other sensors present on a transformer via its analogue inputs:

  • 4 Analog inputs 0/4-20mADC
  • 6 Analog inputs 0/4-20mADC +20% / 0-80 VAC +20%

configurable by jumpers It is further equipped with digital outputs for the transmission of alarms or the execution of control functions (e.g. control of a cooling system of a transformer):

  • 8 digital relay outputs
  • 5 digital optocoupler outputs