Electric switches

Valve/ Switch Combinations

The combination of a multipole electric switch with the Drallim valves heralds a new era in process safety systems. The introduction of an explosion category electric switch further enhances the applications to which these devices are applied.

Typical Applications

Typical applications are feedback to DCS systems, remote and local actuation of fire prevention and damping systems, graduated loading and unloading of compressors, starting and stopping pumping systems. The electric switches below can be fitted to the valves detailed within this catalogue with exception of those with a base entry connection.

4 & 6 way EEx d LLB t4-t6 IP67 single pole

Explosion Proof Switch
Explosion protection code EEx d IIb T4-T6
Electrical ratings 15/A250 VAC-10A/28 VDC 0.2A/125 VDC
switch V3 SPDT
Gland Entry (2 off) M20 X 1.5
ingress protection IP67
Enclosure material Aluminium
Order code WL

4 & 6 way non EEx d Multi pole

Electric Switch
Voltage (nominal) 690v
Current (rated) 20A
weatherproof enclosure IP65
4 Way
No. of Poles 1 2 3 4 5 6
No. of Stages 1 2 3 4 5 6
Order code 2843 2844 2845 2846 2847 2848
6 Way
No. of poles 1 2 3 4
No. of stages 2 3 5 6
Order code 2853 2854 2855 2856