Mar 2012

NATS Testimonial

NATS is the UK’s leading air traffic solutions company providing services for aircraft flying in UK airspace and the eastern part of the North Atlantic. Further information can be found at NATS website

Safety is the number one priority of our business, and the serviceability, reliability and operability of our equipment is important to us.

During a current tower sustainment programme we looked for a new supplier that could meet the rigorous demands that we make.

Drallim was invited to NATS’ Corporate and Technical Centre where they demonstrated an impressive understanding of our requirements. A suitable product already being developed that would meet the requirements of the existing and future installations of NATS was suggested by Drallim.

NATS placed an order and attended their headquarters in Sussex to carry out a Factory Acceptance Test. We were impressed by the set up and the product. The FAT enabled us to resolve a potential issue ahead of delivery and as a result not delay the delivery or subsequent programme of works.

Drallim became a strategic partner through the process from ordering to testing and we have been very satisfied with the experience we have had with them.