Flow measurement

is a valuable management metric for any open channel water conveyance system? However, conventional flow measurement methods can be expensive and complex, posing challenges about reliability, data collection and ease of maintenance.

The patent pending SmartFLOE®

Flow Estimation System solves these problems by providing a low-cost, minimal maintenance, high reliability method for remote flow measurement and communication. Using the core SmartCover® technology for non-contact remote monitoring and global data communication, the advanced SmartFLOE® algorithm provides ongoing real-time measurement of flow rate.

Front end interface
Under proper flow conditions, SmartFLOE®

can be used to provide highly repeatable flow measurements or be calibrated to arbitrary accuracy to a previously calibrated instrument. Flow over weirs and through flumes can also be calculated. Knowledge of flow conditions during wet weather events compared to dry weather flow can help support a rigorous I&I assessment program.

With user-definable alarm settings, the SmartFLOE®; system

can warn of impending overflow issues before they occur, communicating to assigned personnel via email or text. Users are kept informed of the system's operating status so that maintenance and preventive measures can be planned well in advance