Smart trend


is a comprehensive software tool that enables users to anticipate overflow events at remote monitoring sites long before they occur!

SmartTrend®automatically scans each site to analyze trends in the collection system. It determines conditions using advanced signal processing and pattern recognition and sends Advisories to users when a trend is discovered. Users have the most advanced method available to identify future issues, including alarms for SSOs and CSOs, before they occur. SmartTrend ® aids users and promotes advanced planning for maintenance and capital repairs.

SmartTrendTM thereby aids users by promoting advanced planning which leads to:
  • Lowered Operational Costs facilitated by the provision of a business hours response to correct a known incipient problem rather than emergency out-of-hours response to correct an overflow situation.
  • Risk Elimination, leading to Improved Public Profile, because managers are able to schedule corrective action to mitigate disasters happening.
  • Increased Efficiency as managers and supervisors become expert in the use of this new fast and easy situational assessment tool.

  • smart trend system

    SmartTrend® Advisories are sent via email. The frequency of remote site analysis is user selectable, up to four times per day. Since each monitored site can have its own personality, the sensitivity of the SmartTrend® signal processing is also user selectable. In addition to assessing level trends, SmartTrend® also advises users concerning SmartCover® performance and maintenance.

    SmartTrend® is an exceptionally powerful management tool for making preemptive maintenance decisions before alarms occur. SmartTrend® looks for anomalies that help you predict the future.