Drallim industries are proud to be the UK & Ireland representatives for Smartcover systems® monitoring system is a completely self-contained, turn-key solution developed specifically for the water and wastewater industry by two technologists with decades of water policy experience.

Developed in close collaboration with industry leaders, the SmartCover® system was built to solve industry problems at high value and low burden. The patented SmartCover® system is summarised in the following four points: -

  • SmartCover®is a wireless self-contained battery powered ultrasonic level monitoring system that is designed for the most extreme environments and can communicate from anywhere on earth via a Low Earth Orbit satellite system. It does not suffer the signal problems associated with GPRS coverage and has proven success in the UK.

  • SmartCover® tracks, records and transmits water levels in real-time and can also provide estimates flowrate(SmartFLOE®) within the sewer collection system.

  • SmartCover® provides continuous data collection for long term trending (Smarttrend®)• and sends an immediate alarm directly to end users whenever a customer defined alarm point is reached, enabling users to take immediate action regarding impending overflow events and to prioritize resources.

  • SmartCover® simple but highly effective design and operation adds value, not complexity; all data is available immediately after system installation through a secure website from any computer and there is no proprietary software to purchase.

Backed by a team dedicated to uncompromising customer service, the SmartCover® system is your solution to monitoring your water and wastewater sites, providing remote security, or monitoring environmental or critical locations.

The SmartCover® system has emerged as the industry leader in widely deployable sanitary sewer collection system management. Working closely with customers, SmartCover Systems continues to evolve their technologies, services and support capabilities to serve more diverse applications and industries.

Smart Cover®

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