QRC/ Webbing Combo

"92CA24 LASHING DECK NSN: 1730-99-320-5005"

A deck lashing combining the properties of our MC1 lashing with the added benefit of a quick release coupling. Pt. No. NSN 1730-99-320-5005 (Used by RNLN as a deck lashing for Lynx helicopters)

This offering is a combination of two well proven and extremely durable products of long standing, designed primarily to lash rotorcraft to deck fittings during heavy seas/storm conditions, whilst still enabling rapid deployment when necessary.

The tensioning device is from the SP4147 (MC1), and is attached to the rotocraft. This is basically a lightweight over-centre device which tensions and locks the webbing. Any subsequent slack can be taken up without reloading the mechanism.


The deck attachment at the opposite end of the webbing, usually provided by a straightforward snaphook, is now replaced with a derivative of our quick release coupling (CA14). This is a double jaw claw like connector, operated by a quarter turn knurled hand grip to both secure and release - If necessary whilst under tension.

Performance characteristics are as follows:
Current Working Load3,000 lb
Ultimate Load5,000 lb
Weight2.75 kg
Webbing Width45mm
Webbing Length6000mm
Webbing ColourDark Admiralty Grey
Webbing/Thread MaterialNylon
Claws can be attached to a maximum diameter30mm